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Saffron + Tobacco Deluxe Candle-Standrd Uniform

Saffron + Tobacco Deluxe Candle

$68.00 USD
1 review
Hand rolled cigars with only the finest tobacco leaves blended with saffron to release a sensual vibe of sophistication. Deluxe candles are double wicked and come packaged in a box...
Dark Rose + Plum Deluxe Candle-Standrd Uniform

Dark Rose + Plum Deluxe Candle

$68.00 USD
A combination of a seductive floral and tart fruit interlaced to fill the room with sultry vibes that  make a powerful statement and leave a lasting impression. Deluxe candles are...
White Sandalwood + Leather Deluxe Candle-Standrd Uniform

White Sandalwood + Leather Deluxe Candle

$68.00 USD
A modern luxury campfire that is sultry and sweet with hints of leather. Deluxe candles are double wicked and come packaged in a box with candle care instructions. Part of...
Jasmine + Sea Salt Deluxe Candle-Standrd Uniform

Jasmine + Sea Salt Deluxe Candle

$68.00 USD
Close your eyes and imagine yourself in an oceanfront beach house with the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore and the smell of the intoxicatingly fresh air. This...
Vetiver + Bergamot Deluxe Candle-Standrd Uniform

Vetiver + Bergamot Deluxe Candle

$68.00 USD
A calming base of an earthy Vetiver lays the foundation for bergamot and lemon to be released during varying moments as the scent settles. Deluxe candles are double wicked and...