Diffusers are a great way to scent a room and serve as an alternative when you may be faced with open flame restrictions. 

Proper care will ensure you reap the most benefits from your reed diffuser so when you receive your reed diffuser you should follow the below recommendations.

Unscrew the cap and remove the plastic plug. Screw the cap back on the bottle.

Place reeds in the oil and wait 24-36 hours for the scent to permeate the air. We recommend using all 10 reeds for an optimal scent throw in large areas. For smaller areas start with 3-4 reeds and add more if you want a stronger throw.

Place your diffuser in a high traffic area where the fragrance will disperse throughout the room with air circulation.

Flip the diffuser reeds over when the scent is fading or no longer permeating the air. The scent will last 4-5 months.

You can also use your reed diffusers to layer scents in your home. Use your diffuser as a base layer and then add scented candles of the same scent or ones that compliment to create your own personalized signature home scent.

Our diffusers are heavily scented complex fragrances that add an air of luxury to every room.

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